Residents pick up the pieces after fire in Greenfield


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Residents pick up the pieces after fire in Greenfield

By Yona Gavino. CREATED Mar 2, 2014

GREENFIELD -- The Red Cross is helping sixteen families, displaced after an apartment fire in Greenfield. It happened at Southridge Drive.

Nicole Batzko lived with her son and daughter in this building. They’ll now have to find a new home.

A day after the fire, many of the tenants have returned to collect what little they could salvage. Batzko is staying at a hotel for now.

"I was just freaking out,” remembers Batzko. “I was crying. That’s all I have, that's it."

Her clothes and precious items are stuffed into these 2 black suitcases. She was home when the fire happened.

"There was an alarm going off. Everyone was sticking their head out of the door and suddenly we saw all this black smoke coming out," says Batzko.

Firefighters battled the fire for about 10 hours. Part of the roof even collapsed.

As the firefighters did their jobs, tenants waited in their cars.

"I didn't have any socks on for like 3 hours. My feet were soaking wet," says Batzko.

The Greenfield Fire Chief says he wanted to come back today to help those in need.

"We’re back here today with the Greenfield Police Department just trying to give residents a little something to take away from what they lost," says Chief Jon Cohn.

One resident is recovering from minor smoke inhalation - but everyone made it out ok. Authorities don't know the cause yet - but believe the fire started in the basement. 

Yona Gavino

Yona Gavino

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