Rep. Paul Ryan opposes Obama on Syria

Rep. Paul Ryan opposes Obama on Syria

By Associated Press. CREATED Sep 11, 2013

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan says he opposes President Barack Obama's plan on Syria, adding to the deterioration of support in Congress for military strikes.

The Republican Ryan issued a statement on Wednesday saying a military strike would make things worse and damage the United States' credibility. Ryan hadn't taken a firm position previously on Obama's plans.

Ryan says events this week have reinforced the U.S.'s credibility gap on the issue and he says Obama lacks a clear strategy and is following Russia's lead.

In an address to the nation Tuesday night, Obama conditionally endorsed a Russian offer for international inspectors to seize and destroy deadly chemical weapons in Syria. He also asked Congress to delay a vote on a resolution authorizing limited military strikes.