Prosecutors: Gov. Walker part of 'criminal scheme'

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Prosecutors: Gov. Walker part of 'criminal scheme'

By Charles Benson. CREATED Jun 19, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 19, 2014

MADISON -- New documents in a John Doe investigation allege campaign election laws were broken during the recall elections for Governor Walker and other Republicans.

The new documents are now public after a conservative group sued in federal court to stop the investigation.  Prosecutors allege a criminal scheme. 
Walker says the accusations from a partisan Democratic Milwaukee District Attorney are false.
Shortly after Governor Walker won his recall election in 2012, prosecutors were digging into efforts by conservative groups to help him and other Republicans.
Lead prosecutor Francis Schmitz wrote, "The scope of the criminal scheme under investigation is expansive."  Schmitz added, "... evidence shows an extensive coordination scheme that pervaded nearly every aspect of the campaign activities." 
TODAY'S TMJ4's Charles Benson asked Walker about the allegations.
Benson: Prosecutors in the John Doe allege you are the center of a criminal scheme. Are you?
Walker: No.
Walker says no laws were broken and the case was rejected by two judges who have reviewed the allegations. A federal judge even ordered the investigation to be shut down.   
"I ask people to look at the facts and the facts are pretty clear," said Walker. "A judge at the state and federal level made it clear that they didn't buy into this argument and they said to move on".
A lawyer for the conservative group Club for Growth that sued to stop investigators told the Wisconsin State Journal -... this is a story that needs to be told to prevent more abuses and to hold the John Doe prosecutors accountable for violating the rights of Wisconsinites."
But campaign watchdog groups like Common Cause in Wisconsin say the investigation should continue.
This legal battle is not over. The investigation is on hold while the case is before the Federal Court of Appeals. 
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