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Powerball jackpot


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Powerball jackpot

By Lacey Crisp . CREATED Sep 14, 2013
With a jackpot of more than $300 million dollars, it had everyone running out to buy a lottery ticket.  
"I'm looking at the numbers and this is a lot of numbers that I would play if I were gambling," said Brandon Stephens.
It seems everyone is feeling lucky. 
"This is it, right there, the winning ticket.  I'll come back and thank Claudio," said Gina Schaffron.
With a Powerball jackpot up over $300 million dollars, even those who don't normally play are taking their chance.
"Everyone is all about the big jackpot, it's kind of cool to see," said store employee Ian Roudebush.
It seems everyone has at least some of their future winnings already spent.
"We're all going to go on a Disney cruise," Schaffron said.

"Fix up the house, college savings money for my kids," said Josh Szablewski.