Police warn against bold North Shore burglaries


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Police warn against bold North Shore burglaries

By Charles Benson. CREATED Nov 12, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 12, 2013

WHITEFISH BAY - Bold and scary burglaries on the North Shore - even when the homeowners are home. Whitefish Bay Police aren't only telling residents to lock their doors, they're telling them to keep their lights on at night.

The Police Chief tells TODAY'S TMJ4 he sent an email to 2700 people to be on alert and call 911 if you see suspicious behavior.
The crime spree has neighbors talking and taking action.
"We've got three kids and I'm concerned about that," said Tom Pence.
He lives on one of the streets that has been hit three times in one month. He credits police with giving homeowners a heads up.
"We put in security cameras and we've put in the lights and exterior lights in the back and front to do what we can," said Pence.
Police report three burglaries along North Shore Drive. More burglaries happened this month on Lake View Avenue and East Glen.
A resident on Carlisle called police when she heard her back doorknob rattle.
"It's a little scary," said resident Megan Bergholz, "but we do try to take the precautions the police department and the village recommend."
The break-ins have not happened near where Megan lives but that doesn't mean she's not worried.
"We still want to make sure we are protecting ourselves and our family," said Bergholz.
In addition to the lighting and locking your doors police are encouraging homeowners to lock their garages or outdoor buildings, places someone could hide if they are on the run.
Police says the suspects broke windows and glass on doors to get in. They also came in through unlocked doors. 
"We just moved here from around the block and we didn't lock our doors, now we are," said Pence. 
Police arrested a 17-year old prowler on Saturday after a 9-1-1 call but they did not have enough evidence to pursue burglary charges.  
Whitefish Bay Police will be meeting with the victims of the recent burglaries and attempted burglaries Thursday, November 14 at 6:30 PM at the Village Hall. Anyone with questions is invited.  
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