Police station doubles as Craigslist meet-up


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Police station doubles as Craigslist meet-up

By Steve Chamraz. CREATED Mar 10, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 10, 2014

MILWAUKEE - When Branden Kerr decided to upgrade his video game system, the old one went up on the internet classified ad site Craigslist and sold for a pretty penny -- $690.

"It was a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation camera, extra controller and a few games," Kerr said, describing the items up for sale.

He hesitated, though, about meeting a complete stranger to hand off such a valuable item. So the buyer and seller decided to meet in the lobby of the Milwaukee Police Department's district 4 station.
"I put my stuff down by the chairs and went over to the desk and asked 'you guys mind if I sell my PlayStation? I'm meeting somebody off of Craigslist.' and the guy was yeah, no problem"
Lt. Mark Stanmeyer said this is not an everyday occurrence, but it should be. Especially when exchanging cash with a stranger.
"That way you're witnessed by some officers, if something goes wrong, they're there to help you. There's surveillance cameras around, it just makes sense," Stanmeyer said.
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