Police searching for assault suspect in Bay View


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Police searching for assault suspect in Bay View

By Michele Fiore, Lacey Crisp. CREATED Aug 13, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 14, 2013

MILWAUKEE - A warning for women in Bay View, be vigilant of your surroundings. A female was sexually assaulted while walking on Howell Avenue. It may be linked to other groping attacks.

The most recent victim is coming forward to prevent future attacks from happening

The woman who was attacked tells people on Facebook what happened to her:

“Stripped me of my dignity, my safety, my pride & my Independence," she posted.  

Residents are certainly on edge in the 2500 block of Howell Avenue.

Rachael Groening lives really close to where the young woman was sexually assaulted.  Neighbors say they heard the woman screaming for help. Groening had just arrived home after the August 5th incident.  

"This is a pretty safe neighborhood for the most part,” said Groening who admits to being alarmed by the incident.

The woman who was sexually assaulted posted what happened to her on a Facebook page.  She writes: “I am sharing this because I am not a victim. I am a terrified survivor. Women, Be AWARE. She also added, "I saw him coming & I couldn't run away fast enough.”

Police say what happened on Howell Avenue fits a pattern of about 8 other gropings or sexual assaults in Bay View over an 18 month time period. But up until this incident a few days ago, police say there hadn’t been one in eight months.

“We are not sure it’s connected to those previous events,” said Captain James Shepard, “but we just want the public to be diligent particularly those who live in Bay View area.”

Groening is closely following social media for any updates or information about the attacks.    

“I still love this neighborhood but I’m definitely a little more aware of my surroundings.”

Bay View residents are invited to a 6:30 meeting Wednesday night at Clement Avenue School to talk about the recent events with Milwaukee Police.

The suspect is described as a white male aged 30-35. He stands about 5'10" and is estimated to weigh 225 pounds.