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Playing for Savannah

By Yona Gavino. CREATED Sep 7, 2013

ST. FRANCIS - The St. Thomas More football team is playing for more than just "wins" this year.  They are rallying behind a brave little girl.

Six year old Savannah Dews was born with VACTERL Association. Coach Jason Wilson and the football players are helping raise money for her medical bills.

They’ve sold over 300 tee-shirts. Savannah's initials are on the front. It looks like the Superman logo. On the back of the shirt it says Savannah Strong.

Her dad, Bill Dews, isn't coaching now because he has to help care for his little girl.

"I get emotional when I think of how these kids can think of things to do for somebody,” expresses Coach Dews. “It's a wonderful feeling and it's good to see that."

The players say the idea to help their beloved coach was a no-brainer.

"We love Coach Dews,” says football player Kellen Housey. “We want him to be happy. We want her to make it through it and be healthy when she's older."

"My family is very proud of these kids," says Coach Dews.

The Cavaliers say her strength motivates them on and off the field.

"To be so young like that and to fight through stuff like that, that's amazing. It inspires me every single day," says Kellen Housey.

The football players say, win or lose, playing for Savannah is the ultimate victory. They’re confident they’ll be able to reach their goal of selling 400 shirts to help the Dews family.

Yona Gavino

Yona Gavino

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