Parents reunite with children after Nicolet High bomb threat

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Parents reunite with children after Nicolet High bomb threat

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Oct 16, 2013

GLENDALE - When Nicolet High School students finally arrived at Glen Hills Middle School, it was with a sigh of relief.  For some, the day had been difficult.

Maddie Faulk is a sophomore at Nicolet. She describes what it was like in the classroom when they were told to stay in their seats.  "I thought it was an armed intruder. So we were really scared. We turned off all the lights and we kind of hid," said Faulk.
Students were notified that something was wrong during their second hour of classes. Faulk said initially it seemed like a drill, but as they sat, some media savvy kids decided to do a little investigating.
Freshman Etan Maistelman googled "Nicolet."
"And all of a sudden this thing popped up news and it says Nicolet bomb threat lockdown, and I was like, oh gosh, this is not what we thought it was. Some people started panicking," said Maistelman.
As they panicked, students reached out to parents, thankful for the ability to text.
Yvonne Johnon is a parent who received one of those text messages. "She said mom there's been a bomb threat at school, and that got me," said Johnson.
Johnson, like so many other parents, rushed to Glen Hills Middle School where Nicolet students were eventually dropped off by bus.  Once there, teens still had to check in before they could be released to their parents.
"Well I was texting my mom and just letting her know that I was ok," said Faulk.
With school set to reopen Thursday, we asked parents if they have fear following this bomb scare.
"No, we've got to continue to live our lives and kids have to go to school. Planes have to fly, you know, it's scary when it happens, but it could happen anywhere," said Michael Maistelman.
One interesting observation to make, teens typically don't show public displays of affection to their parents, but following the bomb scare, we saw plenty of hugs being exchanged when they finally found their parents outside Glen Hills Middle School.
Michele Fiore

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