Packers fans on their way to the airport for the 49ers game

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Packers fans on their way to the airport for the 49ers game

By Todd Hicks. CREATED Sep 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 5, 2013

KENOSHA - Members of the Packers nation are headed to the city by the bay.

A group of about 60 Green Bay Packers fans are traveling to attend the Packers' first regular season game in San Francisco.

The tour was organized by Ron and Karl's Tours. They're a non-profit group that schedules out of town trips.

Karl Atanasoff said he's nervous considering the 49ers beat the Packers twice last season.

He said San Francisco fans can sometimes act a little high-brow, while Packers fans are more of a hardy bunch.

"49er fans have their fancy wine, fancy cheese, with shrimp kabobs, where the Packers had a case of miller lite and some bratwurst." said Atanasoff.

The group will take a chartered bus to Chicago, O'Hare for their flight to SFO.

Atanasoff said he has a pool of about 600 Packers fans who regularly attend out of town games.

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