Police ID victims in fatal crash on Milwaukee's north side

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Police ID victims in fatal crash on Milwaukee's north side

By Shannon Sims. CREATED Jul 10, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 11, 2014

MILWAUKEE - From his porch on Sherman, Melvin Gillespie has seen more crashes than he can count.

"I had a truck that was hit right at that intersection...knocked that bus stop down and came up here and was sitting right here. Right in front of my door," recounts Gillespie.

Speeding was to blame, just like in Thursday night's crash at the same intersection of Sherman and Burliegh.

"It sounded like a bomb when it actually hit."

Police say the driver of the SUV blew through a red light.

"They are trying to beat the light instead of taking 5-10 seconds or another minute to wait for the next light," said Eldridge Hutchinson.

That split second decision cost the lives of two Greenfield women on their way home from work.

"The average speed on this street is 50-60 miles an hour, they will speed right there, the light turns yellow and they will speed right through it."

Alderman Willie Wade understands Gillespie's concerns.

"I would say in my opinion the biggest reason is just selfishness. Not only do they speed, but they talk on the phone, they text while they're speeding," said Alderman Wade.

Last night's crash prompted a police presence to enforce speed limits. Gillespie is glad for the temporary enforcement but wants a permanent fix.

"They were out here the other day for 2 or 3 hours and then they are gone."

Shannon Sims

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