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Nicolet High School rolls out the red carpet for the first day of school

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Nicolet High School rolls out the red carpet for the first day of school

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Sep 3, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 3, 2013

GLENDALE - Students at one high school in Milwaukee are getting the star treatment as they head back to class.

It was three years ago that floods left a big mess at Nicolet High School in Glendale, and they are rolling out the red carpet for their students and faculty.

The parking lot looked like a lake, and inside the school they saw seven feet of water. It has cost Nicolet $13 million to clean it all up.

For some students, today is their last "first" day. Haley Sullivan is a senior at Nicolet High School. Like the rest of the student body, she was treated to the first-day pomp and circumstance which has become tradition at Nicolet.

After she got to walk the red carpet and hear faculty members cheer her on Tuesday, Sullivan walked into her first hour study hall and caught up with friends. In these halls and outside school hours, students stick together. Sullivan says her high school years have been fun and she hopes to keep the fun going with the varsity soccer team, something she's been part of since her sophomore year. Last year, Nicolet's varsity team won the East Side Cup, and Sullivan's the one who scored the winning goal.

"The coach said, give me what you got now, put me in. I did score the final goal to get us through with the assist from Greta," said Sullivan.

Sullivan's looking forward to her senior year and choosing a college, although she's pretty set on the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

"It's good to know that we're the leaders now, that we made it through all of it, that we can help the freshmen through all of it too," said Sullivan.

Sullivan doesn't know if she'll be emotional when she puts on that cap and gown on graduation day. She's living in the moment. It's a happy day today and like many students at Nicolet, she's all smiles.

Michele Fiore

Michele Fiore

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