Next Monday marks anniversary of Sikh temple shooting

Next Monday marks anniversary of Sikh temple shooting

By Todd Hicks. CREATED Jul 29, 2013

OAK CREEK - Next Monday marks the one-year anniversary of the Sikh temple shooting. A gunman killed six worshipers on a quiet Sunday morning, before turning the gun on himself.

"In the face of all bad things, you can still be optimistic and you can still find a way."

It's these words that have comforted Amardeep Singh Kaleka over the last year. His father was one of six killed when gunman Wade Page stormed the Sikh temple in Oak Creek last August.

"It's hard to label the good that's come because it's so complex, but the community has gotten together and it has gotten stronger," Kaleka says.

The strength has formed from a better understanding of the Sikh culture and faith. Kaleka has spent the last year speaking out against gun violence across the country.

"When somebody does something like this," Kaleka explains, "their ultimate goal is to weaken a community."

Kaleka and Lt. Brian Murphy were guests of President Obama for his State of the Union speech. Now he's helped organize events in Oak Creek to remember the victims, leading up to next week. That includes an address by Robbie Parker. His six-year-old daughter was killed in the Connecticut school shooting.

That's the opposite effect of what Kaleka said the shooter intended, nearly one year ago.

"Instead, this person strengthened a community."


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