New developments released in Berit Beck cold case

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New developments released in Berit Beck cold case

By TODAY'S TMJ4 News Team. CREATED Apr 7, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 7, 2014

UPDATE: The Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office tells TODAY'S TMJ4 they have received a handful of tips after Monday's news conference.  

No arrest has been made in the case.


UPDATE: New evidence suggests a 60-year old Kenosha County truck driver may be a suspect in the 1990 murder of Berit Beck.

Investigators did not say what contact they have had with the suspect, but said he is not in custody and has not been charged.

"I hope there's going to be a charge. I hope he is going to be arrested," Sheriff Mylan Fink said. "I am saying, back to what I said in the beginning, this is the best physical evidence that we've had in this case in the 23 and a half years or however many years we have worked on it."

Fink said he believes the suspect lived in the Green Lake area when Beck was taken.

To make an anonymous tip call (920) 906-4777.


STURTEVANT -- A big announcement is expected Monday from the Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office.  

Deputies are expected to release recent developments in the Berit Beck cold case. Berit Beck was driving to a computer class in Appleton the summer of 1990, but the 18-year old from Sturtevant never made it there. She was later found murdered. 

TODAY'S TMJ4 spoke with Beck's parents -- Diane and David Beck -- who have wondered all these years if their daughter's killer would ever be found.

"We have been told they have some very interesting evidence," Diane Beck said.

The new evidence suggests a 60-year old Kenosha County truck driver may be a suspect according the Fond du Lac Reporter.

The sheriff tells the paper: "We have tangible, physical evidence to put a prime suspect intimately in the interior of the van." 

"It's not just us that have been discouraged," Diane Beck. "I think the Fond du Lac sheriff's department was as discouraged as we were."

No one has been arrested or is in custody. If this new suspect turns out to be the killer, the Beck's wonder what was he thinking all these years as the family pleaded for help.  

"How could anyone live close enough to hear that information and not come forward," Diane Beck said. "How does a person like that live with themselves? I don't understand."