Murder of 25-year-old ends violent month in Milwaukee

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Murder of 25-year-old ends violent month in Milwaukee

By Jaclyn Brandt. CREATED Sep 2, 2013

MILWAUKEE - August will go down as one the most violent months in Milwaukee, with more than 20 committed.

Police Chief Edward Flynn said there's no single trend for the spike in crime, but his officers have been busy all month.

A 25-year woman was the last person to die during the violent month of August. Police have a good idea of who pulled the trigger before an argument ended in gunfire near 8th and Keefe.

“We are pretty good at picking up definitive patterns,” Chief Flynn said. “This has been across the board.”

Before the Labor Day weekend kicked off, the data-driven police chief was asked what's behind all the shootings and murder numbers.

“It's been domestic violence, child abuse, gang retaliation and it's been sudden outburst of anger road range incidents,” he said. “It has not been one single trend where we can say, ‘this is the problem, lets respond to that.’”

Chief Flynn said that doesn't mean his officers aren't responding to what's happening on the streets. He said 10 percent of the hotspots in the city generate 60 percent of the crime.

“So our challenge is to, as specifically as possible, focus on the right offenders and the right locations and the right victims,” he continued. “Because 85 percent of our shooting victims have extensive criminal histories. It's a tightly focused group.”

Flynn said his department has made more than 2000 arrests in August alone, and sometimes they keep arresting the same person.

Chief Flynn is calling for tougher gun laws that target people with criminal histories.

Charles Benson contributed to this story.