Barrett, state government call for action after recent violence

Barrett, state government call for action after recent violence

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Aug 7, 2013

MILWAUKEE - “They were side to side and they shoot him with a gun,” said Daisy Salas. 

She was working in her family’s store near the corner of South 9th and West Hayes when two men walked in and stole beer. 

Her dad and another man chased after the men, but the thieves shot the man in the head.

“Unfortunately, (Tuesday) we had another horrible day when it comes to violence in this city,” said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The Family Dollar on South 43th Street and West Oklahoma Avenue was home to more violence. 

Police are asking your help finding a man who shot a store employee while robbing the store.

“We are fighting back, we are fighting back hard,” Barrett said.

Barrett is adding an extra half-million for police overtime, and he’s also calling on the state to match the funds. 

He’s asking the state legislature and the Governor to pass stricter gun laws like making it a misdemeanor if you are caught carrying without a permit. 

Senator Alberta Darling has already agree to sponsor legislation that would create a mandatory three year minimum sentence for those caught illegally carrying a gun.

“If we can focus on people who are law breakers, who unfortunately have access to firearms for whatever reason, and clamp down on that, I’m all for it,” Governor Scott Walker said.

Walker won’t commit to adding state money, but Salas says that’s the only way to stop the violence.

“Spend more money for police,” she said.