Milwaukee man working to make streets safer for pedestrians


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Milwaukee man working to make streets safer for pedestrians

By Annie Scholz. CREATED Aug 23, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 23, 2013

MILWAUKEE -- A man with a walker – hit by a car at South 35th Street and West National Avenue. Friday. The driver then sped away.  One man says he’s had enough and he wants you to help him change the way drivers treat the intersection.

Brett Lipshutz has had it with screeching tires and slamming brakes at the intersection of 35th and National. Friday morning, Brett was there after a man with a walker was hit, trying to cross the street.

“We were basically reassuring him, ‘Stay calm, hold on.’ We called help," remembers Lipshutz.

The pedestrian is okay. The driver is long gone, speeding away from the scene.

"There are families that live here," says Lipshutz. "And they're in danger every day when they cross the street."

Families like Amber Corrau and her kids.

"It's scary because I've seen a lot of crashes, like people running into the building and not waiting for people even with strollers or older people," says Amber Corrau.

Brett wants it to change. So, Saturday morning he's inviting everyone to join him at the intersection. He'll bring the materials, you bring the message.

“We're just going to write things like ‘Do you brake for pedestrians? Great. If you don't, you better start.’ Safe walking should be a fundamental right."

If you'd like to join Brett, go to the southeast corner of 35th and National, at 9:00 a.m. Saturday. As for the hit and run, police are still looking for the driver.