Milwaukee Marine remembered

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Milwaukee Marine remembered

By Yona Gavino. CREATED Oct 19, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Family and friends said their final goodbye Saturday to Lance Corporal Jeremiah Collins.

Collins was killed in Afghanistan two weeks ago. He was a graduate of Hamilton High School, and was a leader to both his siblings and his friends.

Collins touched many lives in his 19 years on this earth. He received military honors Saturday, and those who knew and loved him, couldn't hold back the tears.

Friends who were inside the funeral home say it was packed.

After the service, those who knew him, traded memories about Collins.
“He was always the class clown,” remembers Lance Corporal Brian Harris. “He was always the funny guy. He always lightened up the classroom environment," Harris said.

"He never had a car, so he'd always call me up for a ride,” laughs Harris. “I'd bring him chow. Even one time, even though I’m not a tattoo guy, I even brought him to get a tattoo."

Harris and many others were moved by the military honors. The Patriot Guard riders say they were honored to be there, to show support, and give back to his family.

"It’s incredible. And he deserves every bit of it," added Harris.

Yona Gavino

Yona Gavino

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