Milwaukee Alderman under investigation


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Milwaukee Alderman under investigation

By Charles Benson. CREATED Dec 19, 2013

 A Milwaukee Alderman is now at the center of a criminal investigation.

He's suspected of using illegal tactics to force a couple of sex offenders out of his district.

The search warrant suggests investigators are looking for evidence of misconduct in office.

It's clear Alderman Jim Bohl did not want the sex offenders to move into his district. What's unclear is if he went too far to keep them out.

In October, Alderman Bohl met with neighbors who were upset about two sex offenders moving into a house near 77th and Lisbon Avenue.

A week after that meeting, the city wrote up several code violations on the landlord's properties, requiring thousands of dollars in repairs.

The search warrant alleges Alderman Bohl told the landlord that the "guys needed to go," and he was sorry he had to play "hardball."

When the landlord later agreed to keep the sex offenders out - he asked the alderman what would be done about the code violations. Bohl allegedly answered, "They will be magically lost."

Investigators are looking at phone and email records from Alderman Bohl and his assistant as well as reports from the Department of Neighborhood Services.

Alderman Bohl issued a statement saying he was disappointed the allegations were made public "...before a full examination of the facts was completed." He added he was "looking forward to working with investigators."

For now, Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hines is withholding judgement.

"I'm going to remain optimistic that noting will become of it. But if something does we will deal with it at that particular point in time."

The search warrant also suggests as late as December some of the code violations were still on file and that the Alderman was allegedly promising the landlord "they should be gone soon."




Statement from Alderman Jim Bohl:

Milwaukee, WI - “As my constituents well know, the safety of the residents of my district has been and always will be my number one priority. It is disappointing to see these allegations made public before a full examination of the facts was completed. I look forward to working with investigators to answer any and all questions and to resolve any outstanding issues."

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