Mequon woman injured after rolling her car down a hillside in England

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Mequon woman injured after rolling her car down a hillside in England

By Charles Benson, Tom Murray, and Sarah Lind. CREATED Sep 3, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 4, 2013

CUMBRIA, ENGLAND - A Mequon woman plummeted 500 feet off an English mountainside and lived to tell about it.

Jane Lukic is banged up and certainly has a long road to recovery ahead of her. But she's counting her blessings and she's thankful for the strangers who came to her rescue. 
She's black and blue but has no broken bones - just a dislocated elbow and stitches on her head. But Jane Lukic also has a remarkable story of survival.
'I'm very, very beat up but I'm very fortunate," said Lukic.
Fortunate after the rental car Jane Lukic was driving blew a tire and rolled 20 times down one of the steepest roads in rural England. 
During the 500 foot tumble, the Mequon woman never lost consciousness.
Lukic: "It was very noisy and very scary, very scary."
Benson: Well, now you are at the bottom of this hill, are you thinking: Who's going to find me? How am I ever going to get out of here? 
Lukic: Exactly.
Two hikers witnessed her death-defying crash and rushed to help. One of the hikers held her bleeding head and talked with her until help arrived.
"I'm very grateful to this man. I do consider him to be a hero," said Lukic. 
A Royal Air Force helicopter was called in to hoist the 60 year old to safety - another scary, surreal experience. Throughout her ordeal the English-born Lukic was wondering: Is this it?
"One of the first things I thought of was; I came back to England to actually die in England? and then I thought that was not an option," said Lukic.
For now she's resting in a hotel with her daughter and hoping to get strong enough to fly back home.
Her ex-husband is Chris Kegel who owns Wheel and Sprocket. He tells TODAY'S TMJ4 everyone's prayers have been answered that she's going to be okay.
Watch the extended interview between Charles Benson and Jane Lukic below:

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