MPD, sheriff's office both conducting reviews of Children's Hospital shooting


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MPD, sheriff's office both conducting reviews of Children's Hospital shooting

By Charles Benson. CREATED Nov 18, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 19, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Sheriff David Clarke has lots of questions and concerns about the shooting at Children's Hospital.

Milwaukee Police and the sheriff's office are doing separate fact finding missions known as an "after action review".

"The public wants an accounting of this and they deserve an accounting of it," said Sheriff Clarke.

He's focused on what happened *before* police fired shots inside the busy Children's Hospital, not after.

"What was known before any action was taken? I've heard now three different versions of what transpired before officers arrived on the scene. That shouldn't be," said Clarke.

Clarke believes the outcome could have been worse because he says Milwaukee Police didn't tell hospital security, or the Sheriff's Office, what they were doing and why they were there.

Clarke: We got a call a couple of calls, one from Children's Hospital and they said active shooter. They didn't know cops were up there.
Benson: Was that misinformation - active shooter?
Clarke: Yes.

Clarke says an "active shooter" response is much different than "officers need backup" and that could have compromised officers' safety.

Chief Flynn said this about M-P-D's review: "None of this should be interpreted as a reflection on the courage demonstrated by our officers in confronting and disarming an armed career criminal whose intentions could not be known at the time they were summoned..."

Clarke expects his review to be completed and made public in 60 days.

Milwaukee Police don't have a deadline on completing their report.


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