Local veterans hope for warm welcome at closed memorial


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Local veterans hope for warm welcome at closed memorial

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Oct 4, 2013

MILWAUKEE – A hero’s welcome greeted eight special men at Mitchell International Airport.  Men who fought in Korea, Vietnam, or across the globe in World War II.

Their former employer, Snap-On Tools, booked an “honor flight” for the veterans to Washington.

“I’m looking forward to it," exclaimed Edward Adams of Kenosha.

Adams, a former prisoner of war, flew in bombers back in the 1940s.  All these years later, he can't wait to visit the World War II Memorial.

"When I was in Washington, that was before.  Pre-memorial. And this is my first visit," Adams explained.

Things aren't exactly peaceful on the National Mall.  

The government shutdown brought barricades to parks and memorials there. The move caused a political uproar and a public relations nightmare.

Eventually, veterans pushed through.  Now, they're allowed inside—on First Amendment grounds.

"Our country is trying to straighten other countries out. We've got to straighten our own country out first,” exclaimed veteran Werner Steinseifer of Kenosha.

Organizers assured the local veterans they would be allowed to see the sights this weekend.