Local school provides laptops to their students

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Local school provides laptops to their students

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Aug 27, 2013

WHITEFISH BAY - There will be no more excuses about forgetting a paper at home. A new program at one north shore school is giving students laptops and loading them with classroom materials.

Dominican High School is in its first year of a program that issues laptops to freshmen and sophomores, and it's all about college prep.

"So it's our job not to just teach kids calculus, but also teach them how to learn calculus with the way they're going to be doing it at the college campus and that's with technology," said Edward Foy, Dominican High School principal.

Parents sign a lease. The payments are spread out over four years.

Dominican's among the first on the north shore with a laptop program, and it seems there's another bonus. Shanee Jenkins says the laptop cuts down on the number of heavy books compared with the number her daughter had to carry last year.

"So tons of books, um, heavy backpacks. This year, she has her laptop. She has her books, but a lot of the books are on the laptop," said Shanee Jenkins, the parent of a freshman.

The program will require more responsibility on the part of teachers. Outside school hours, they'll need to be accessible via email, but Foy doesn't see that as a problem.

"It is a lot, and that's where we're blessed with an outstanding group of faculty members here. They're driven to see our kids succeed," he said.

One controversial issue with the new laptops is social media and how to keep kids off it during the school day? Educators say at Dominican they use a wireless system and are able to block students from getting on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while in the building.

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