Local auto shop uses old oil to generate heat


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Local auto shop uses old oil to generate heat

By Samara Sodos. CREATED Jan 24, 2014

MILWAUKEE -- Going green may seem like the new way to do business, but Riverside Automotive on Oakland Avenue in Milwaukee has been recycling for more than a decade.

Specifically they use old oil from oil changes and use it to generate heat to their shop.
"It keeps us real toasty, that's for sure," says technician Chris Bilgo.
Riverside Auto's owner Peter Bilgo got the tip from a trade magazine and has been recycling oil for the last 12 years.
The oil is drained from crushed oil filters and transferred to the furnace. The equipment used to recycle the oil cost approximately $10,000. The process saves the shop $2000 a month. Technicians say the process paid for itself the first year they used it.
"It's great. It feels good to give back to the environment and helps us save a few bucks, " said Chris Bilgo.
Customers who have always been loyal to Riverside Automotive say this makes them feel even better about getting their car serviced at the shop.
"This gives me a whole other insight in how responsible they are, said customer Glenn Slocum. "I think it's a terrific idea."