Local Olympian inspires others


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Local Olympian inspires others

By Michele Fiore . CREATED Feb 8, 2014

BROOKFIELD - Brianna Decker from Dousman's doing amazing things. Her story's giving 10-year-old Layne Diffley more reason to be excited about her favorite sport. Diffley just learned her coach with the Waukesha Youth Hockey League also coached Decker.

"He was telling the girls about it and they're just, all eyes open," said Jeanne Diffley, Layne's mom.

"It was cool because it's like maybe he can make me that good," said Layne Diffley.

Bob Simandl was with Decker for five years.

"Was it a surprise then to hear that she had gone that far? Oh no, not at all. I mean there's a number of kids I have coached over the years and Brianna is one that was destined to do great things," said Coach Simandl.

Decker was just five years old when she began skating at Eble Park and this community just loves her. The office has posted a picture of little Brianna and an autographed tshirt.

Her story is inspiring players as they dream big.

"I love to play hockey 'cause it shows that like not only boys can be rough and they can like get out there,' said Layne Diffley.

Coach Simandl tells us Brianna Decker was always talented on the ice, his one-two-or-three spot consistently, and he thinks the U.S. Women's Hockey Team will go far.