Loaded gun left inside a bathroom at Brookfield church


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Loaded gun left inside a bathroom at Brookfield church

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Mar 28, 2014

BROOKFIELD  - Police said a woman accidentally left a gun in the bathroom at Elmbrook Church and later called the church looking for it.

“It just alarmed me right away,” said a parent.

The parent did not want to show her face on-camera but explained she just found out Friday that the woman left her gun inside a women’s bathroom last week.

That same day a “Beyond the Books” event had been going on in the same area of the church.

“Beyond the books” is a service where parents can bring their first through fifth grade home or internet schooled kids for classes and fellowship.

The mom was upset that any of those kids could have gotten their hands on that loaded Ruger 380.

“Really, just a moron.”, she said, “How do you forget to pick up your gun?”

A police report said a church employee found the gun, and police were called. The owner of the gun called the church about a half hour later, saying she usually is “very careful about firearm safety.”

No one from Elmbrook Church would go on-camera, but they sent a statement saying, “We take the safety and security of our members and guests very seriously. No children were in the immediate area at the time of the incident.”

According to the Town of Brookfield Police, the woman was in legal possession of the gun, but this parent still thinks charges should be considered.

“It’s hard to say. Did she do something wrong? No, she was just careless.”

The district attorney’s office has sent a letter to the woman, but they have not made a decision if the woman will be charged.