Last minute shoppers finalize Thanksgiving plans


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Last minute shoppers finalize Thanksgiving plans

By Michele Fiore. CREATED Nov 27, 2013

GREENFIELD - It's a given that on Black Friday you'll see long lines at the mall.  Well at the grocery stores, those lines tend to grow with last minute shoppers preparing for Thanksgiving dinners.

The cash registers are ringing with the sweet sound of shoppers less than 24 hours before the holiday. Young and more experienced cooks are rushing through the aisles picking up cans of corn and cranberries and turkeys.

"We will be having the dinner at my house where I'll be joined with my aunt and my cousins and their husbands," said Stephanie Stanford.

She's hosting this year, but what this 22 year old won't be doing is making the turkey, not yet.

"I haven't successfully gone through with the whole thing myself yet, um, perhaps when I have a family one day I'll be able to do that but right now, I'm still learning," said Stanford.

In contrast, we found Mary Banach. She came prepared with a long list and time to shop.

"Well I've been married 36 years. So this is probably the 36th Thanksgiving I've prepared," said Banach.

Her advice? "As much as you can do ahead of time, do ahead of time."

Banach has roasted turkeys and deep fried them too. She prefers fresh over frozen, and with all that experience, Banach has found there's one thing she won't do.

"My husband cleans it. I don't clean it. My husband does that preparation," said Banach.

Banach tells young people not to be afraid to try new things. After 36 years, she still does.

"This time I'm gonna try to put some back on it 'cause I saw a recipe in Women's Day. So I'm gonna put bacon on the top," said Banach.

Banach said depending on the size if the turkey, you can lay up to a dozen raw slices of bacon over the top of the turkey and secure each piece with a toothpick to keep them from curling.

Banach says the biggest thing she's learned over time is to just enjoy the holiday. Be with your family and enjoy the time together, even if that means not getting together right on the holiday. Her adult sons, their wives and one new baby will be coming over for a Thanksgiving dinner this Sunday.

Michele Fiore

Michele Fiore

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