Lady Bug Club back in business


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Lady Bug Club back in business

By Shannon Sims. CREATED Dec 6, 2013

MILWAUKEE- A downtown night club is back open despite neighbors’ efforts to shut it down.

The Lady Bug Club only severed 30 days of its 90 day suspension because of a technicality.

The North Water Street night club reopened Friday night.

"Ownership is happy about it. It has been a long and frustrating several weeks,” said Craig Peterson who represents the club.

The legal battle began two months during a contentious city License Committee meeting. A meeting that lasted nearly 7 hours with public comment!

Complaints of violence and shootings near the club resulted in the Common Council suspended the club's tavern and entertainment licenses for 90 days.

“Now I understand we are in the neighborhood and we are held to a higher standard, but really, those two individuals who were shot had nothing to do with us,” Peterson explained.

Earlier this week a judge ruled the club could open its doors without fulfilling the full suspension because of a loophole in the legal process.

Peterson says despite the shooting incident last summer the club is a good neighbor and will continue to be going forward.

"How the club succeeds is by providing a safe environment for its customers,” Peterson said. “We’re just as concerned about them going to their cars and being safe just as anybody. We always have been."

The club could close again when the judge hands down his official ruling on December 16, but for now, the club is open for business.

Shannon Sims

Shannon Sims

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