Kenosha mourns beloved pastor killed in freak accident


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Kenosha mourns beloved pastor killed in freak accident

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Apr 14, 2014

KENOSHA - A congregation and community is in mourning. 

A beloved pastor has died after a freak accident at a McDonald's in Kenosha. 
Police say Georgette Wonders, Pastor of Bradford Community Church Unitarian Universalist, dropped her debit card while going through the drive-thru. When she opened the door to retrieve it, she mistakenly took her foot off the brake. The car surged forward and her head got crushed when the car door hit the building. She was unable to recover from her head injuries.
Those who knew and loved her came together Monday night to say a final goodbye. 
Wonders always tried to help those in need. She was a true community activist, who loved all people unconditionally.
"It tears my heart out, but her love is so woven into this community that it's going to live on," says Hope Engeseth, Wonders' wife. "We never want to leave this life wondering if our life had meaning. There was no doubt her life had so much meaning."
Wonders leaves behind a son. She was just 61-years-old.
Katie Crowther

Katie Crowther

Katie Crowther was born and raised the suburbs of Detroit. She attended John Carroll University, and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.