Keeping pets safe in the extreme cold

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Keeping pets safe in the extreme cold

By Jonah Kaplan. CREATED Jan 23, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 24, 2014

MILWAUKEE - Is it worth wiping a stain off the rug?

Dogs still need their walks, but our furry family members don't have the luxury of wearing ski parkas.
"I tell people, go wear a light jacket and see how long you can last out there,"quips Dennis Trzcinski, a dog trainer. "People leave their dogs outside, then go inside and they lose track of time."
Trzcinski, a lieutenant in the Milwaukee Police Department, also runs a dog training and boarding center called Pet University. He first learned how to train dogs at age 15.
"When pets come inside, check their paws," Trzcinski explains. "Ice and salt on our driveways can get stuck in there and really irritate the skin."
Many pet stores offer small boots and sweaters for dogs, but Trzcinski warns that might not be such an easy solution. Pets, after all, need to learn new things. 
"By the time you put on the fourth little boot, the dog probably ripped off the other three."
Trzcinski also explains that dogs communicate their discomfort in the cold in many ways: they lift their legs, shiver, lay low to escape the wind, and sometimes curl up. 
Of course, there's always barking too.
Jonah Kaplan

Jonah Kaplan

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Originally from Philadelphia, Jonah Kaplan loves the culture, character and pride of Milwaukee. He's won top awards for his reporting of breaking news and severe weather.