Janesville man faces attempted murder charges after roommate stabbing

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Janesville man faces attempted murder charges after roommate stabbing

By Charles Benson. CREATED May 5, 2014 - UPDATED: May 5, 2014

JANESVILLE - He claims he is a cold blooded killer. A Janesville man has made some terrifying confessions.

Clayton Courtney was arrested Sunday after stabbing his best friend.

“He kept saying that he killed three people and he was going to kill me,” said Michael Clark.

Clark tells NBC 15 in Madison he was stabbed five times with a kitchen knife by his best friend. Clark says he fought back to protect his pregnant girlfriend and two children.

“He tried to stab me in the chest and I turned and he got me in my tendon and one of my arteries.”

A photo of Courtney shows his face covered with mud and a large tattoo near his neck that reads "Pure Hate".

Janesville Police Chief David Moore says his department is searching for more bodies.

“Well if we take Mr. Courtney at his word there would be an additional two in the community or around the community some place.

The investigation into the stabbing lead police to the Rock River where they found
a woman's body Monday morning

“We learned that he had been down by the river,” said Chief Moore, “by the Memorial
Bridge earlier in the evening with a female.

Police do not believe the body found matches the description of a 75-year old Mary Coulthard who has been missing sinceFriday. In fact police are investigating to see if there is any connection at all. 

“We are really concerned, “said Jerry Quincy, Mary’s brother.

He says Mary has a heart for helping the homeless and often went on late-night walks.

“Hopefully they keep looking for her,” said Quincy. “Hopefully she's going to come home soon. That's what we are all hoping.”

Police have not identified the body found near the river. They are asking the public for any help on the missing woman case and for information on any suspicious active by the Clayton the man in custody.

If you have any information, please contact Janesville Police at (608) 755-3100

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