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Is the Harley family still around?

Is the Harley family still around?

By Jon Byman. CREATED Aug 29, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 29, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Bikers from all over the world have brought their Harley-Davidson motorcycles to southeast Wisconsin to celebrate the company's 110th anniversary.

The iconic Harley-Davidson name is a combination of the family names of the two men who started the company. The Davidson family is still very much a part of Harley-Davidson. We hear from the Davidsons frequently. But you rarely hear from the Harley family, if ever.

"The Harley's are still around," said John Harley Jr., William Harley's grandson.

John lives and still works in southeast Wisconsin. He worked for the company that bears his name, but was laid off in 1982.

He hasn't been involved with the company since then. "I wouldn't necessarily have any skills that they could find useful at this time," Harley said.

John now works for the postal service delivering mail.

It was a big layoff, but John wasn't happy he was let go. You can almost hear a little sadness in his voice as he talks about the company that bears his family name.

"There is, of course.  But at the same time, I'm proud," Harley said.

John won't be a part of the 110th.

"I don't participate," he said. "The company does not ask for me to participate."

He doesn't ride anymore after having carpal tunnel surgery.  He gave his bike to his son.

"You're the first person to talk to me for a long time on this subject.  It's nice to know there's some people that know I'm still around," Harley said.