Hartland Arrowhead football's a family affair in 2013

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Hartland Arrowhead football's a family affair in 2013

By Lance Allan with Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 13, 2013

HARTLAND - It's that time of year again.  High school football teams have taken to the practice field for training camp.

Perennial power Hartland Arrowhead brings family to the field.

Arrowhead's George Panos finds himself being coached by well-known dad Joe Panos, who won a Rose Bowl with the 1993 Wisconsin Badgers and played in the NFL.

"I'm really excited.  We had a great year last year.  Can't wait to come out with this new team and try to do it again," said George to TODAY'S TMJ4's Lance Allan.

When he asked Joe about the pride of winning the 2012 WIAA Division I state title, Joe responded, "A ton of pride.  I was very proud of what the whole team did, the whole school did, my son did."

How will Joe operate as a coach in 2013?

"One thing that he and I had to establish early on is on the field, I'm coach. There's no debate. It's a dictatorship here. When we go back home, we can argue. That was the hardest part to be honest with you is, 'Hey, I'm here, I'm coach. ok, and that's it.'  When we get in the car, I'm Dad again. "

Arrowhead won every contest by at least 20 points on the way to the title in 2012.