Greenfield police officer charged after throwing woman into cell


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Greenfield police officer charged after throwing woman into cell

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Sep 26, 2013

GREENFIELD - Officer Tom Roszak faces a felony charge of ‘Misconduct in Public Office’ after an exchange with a woman in the Greenfield Police Department’s holding cell.

The woman, Amanda Luke, was arrested for fleeing an officer and driving while intoxicated.  Luke was in a holding cell earlier this summer after her arrest. 

According to the criminal complaint against Roszak, police let Luke out of her cell to book her.  She demanded repeatedly to use the phone. 

When the woman started cursing and touching Officer Roszak, prosecutors say he picked her up and flung her back into her cell.

Surveillance video reported caught Roszak swearing at the woman and leaving without checking to see if she was okay.

The Greenfield Police Department has launched an internal investigation into the matter.

In a statement, Chief Brad Wentlandt said in part, ”The information alleged in the criminal complaint clearly does not conform to our high standards of professionalism and our expectations for officer conduct."

Roszak is suspended with pay while the investigation continues.