Granite rock iconic symbol of Wauwatosa

Retired teacher Thomas Woodworth poses with an old yearbook in front of the school's beloved rock.

Granite rock iconic symbol of Wauwatosa

By Erik Bilstad. CREATED Sep 12, 2013

WAUWATOSA - It may not be the most iconic symbol of the city, but it's likely the oldest.

The giant, painted granite rock sits on the campus of Wauwatosa West High School.

"It's a symbol of our school," retired Math teacher Thomas Woodworth said proudly.  
The rock is like a chameleon, changing colors all the time.
"I believe the diameter of that rock is probably three inches bigger than it was when it was originally placed here," Woodworth joked. "(Students paint) faces, hair, (and) birthdays on there.  All kinds of things." 
"It was painted on a weekly basis," said '83 alum and current Tosa West H.S. principal Frank Calarco.  "I can recall (painting the rock) at least a dozen times."
Current students are just as proud of the old stone, according to Calarco.
"You'll see a lot of kids with their Facebook pictures next to the rock," he said.
Of course, students from rival Wauwatosa East High School pay the rock a visit from time to time.
"There was actually a group that came here and tried to steal the rock," Woodworth recalled.  "They were unsuccessful. That thing weighs a few tons."