Government shutdown will affect southeastern Wisconsin

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Government shutdown will affect southeastern Wisconsin

By TODAY'S TMJ4 News Staff. CREATED Sep 30, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 1, 2013

MILWAUKEE - The government shutdown will have a major impact in the Milwaukee area and across the state of Wisconsin.

More than 1,000 members of the Wisconsin National Guard will be affected. 

Most Soldiers and Airmen at the 128th Air Refueling Wing will be put on emergency furlough if the government shuts down.

187 will be told to go home, while another 29 will remain working without pay as part of a skeleton crew. Those Soldiers and Airmen will not receive a paycheck, but will be paid retroactively.

It's a concern for the men and women who serve. "Anytime that your pay is affected that's going to affect your family," said Major Paul Rickert.

He said across the state, a little more than 200 will continue operations without pay in case of a major emergency.

You didn't have to be in the nation's capital to know a shutdown is looming. It was all over the cable news channels at the airport.
"I am attending a meeting out in Washington D.C." said Karen Ordinans.
She's meeting with federal officials about infant mortality problems in Wisconsin and around the country. Before boarding, she learned by email that some key people might not be able to attend if there is a government shutdown.
"We are just sorry they won't be able participate unless a deal can be struck by midnight,".
Ordinans is no stranger to politics. She once chaired the Milwaukee County Board. 
These days she's finding ways to help premature babies live long lives as Executive Director of the Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin.
She hopes a shutdown can be avoided. 
"If they can not participate it will really be unfortunate, this is a tough serious issue this nation needs to grapple with sooner rather than later."