Gov. Walker signs $100 million property tax relief bill

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Gov. Walker signs $100 million property tax relief bill

By Jaclyn Brandt. CREATED Oct 21, 2013

MADISON - Governor Walker signed a $100 million property tax relief bill into law on Sunday.

The new law amounts to a $13 saving for the typical homeowner. According to the Journal Sentinel, those taxes would then rise an average of $11 per homeowner next year.

"We made prudent and tough decision over the last two and half years and those decisions helped improve the economy, create more jobs and helped stimulate not only the economy but bring more revenue into the state,” Gov. Walker said.

The governor signed the bill at a farm in Burlington.

Mary Burke, a Democratic candidate for governor, released a statement saying: "I'm all for property tax cuts, but let's be clear what happened here. This administration cut school funding by $800 million, causing property taxes to go up."