Gov. Walker releases first book, 'Unintimidated'

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Gov. Walker releases first book, 'Unintimidated'

By Charles Benson. CREATED Nov 19, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 19, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Governor Walker’s first book hit the store shelves Tuesday.  Some are saying this is an early sign of presidential run in 2016.

The new book brings up the old battles that still linger nearly to this day. It was a politically divisive time for the state and Governor Walker

It’s called "Unitimidated  - A Governor’s Story And A Nation’s Challenge." Walker spells out his reasons for the reforms and how he survived the massive effort to kick him out of office.

The book has yet to arrive at Half Price Books in Brookfield  but Walker supporter Tim Dotson plans to read it.

"It would be interesting to hear if he would have done anything differently," said Dotson.

No word yet from the publisher on books sales but we did check on line to see if people are buying it.

Amazon sells lots of books.  Walker’s was ranked # 731 Tuesday afternoon on its best sellers list but moved up to # 509 a few hours later. Reviews on Amazon’s web paged ranged from, Awesome truthful book!!!!! To - Nothing but fictional campaign fluff.

Wisconsin Democrats put up a billboard in Milwaukee to challenge the book and Walker’s record. It reads, Intimidated by the Truth.    

Daniel Eichinger agrees with those who think Walker's book could be a precursor to a presidential run. He can’t wait to get a copy of it.

"'I'd like to hear more from his perspective about everything that’s happened." said Eichinger.

On Saturday TODAY'S TMJ4's reporter Charles Benson will talk one on one with Governor Walker about the new book. 

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