Garden-Fresh Foods halts production, reassigns workers

Garden-Fresh Foods halts production, reassigns workers

By Colin Bennett. CREATED Nov 16, 2013

 MILWAUKEE -- A spokesperson for Garden-Fresh Foods says they have halted production in their Milwaukee plant, and reassigned 100 people to new jobs. 

The factory on 12th Street will be closed temporarily as the company continues to deal with contamination issues, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Garden-Fresh Foods has issued eight separate recalls since August. The recalls cover fresh-cut vegetables, ready-to-eat slaws, spreads, and dips. They have also recalled over 50 tons of ready-to-eat chicken and ham products.

A recall was first issued when products were found to be contaminated with a bacteria known as Listeria. Infections can cause people to feel high fevers, dizziness, stiffness, nauseau, and other stomach issues.

The company says Food and Drug Administrators have been in the plant since the recalls have been issued.

So far, no illness has been reported from using the company's products. 

It's unclear how long the Garden-Fresh Foods plant will be closed.