Frozen water skiing event will defy biting cold temps


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Frozen water skiing event will defy biting cold temps

By Steve Chamraz . CREATED Dec 6, 2013

WILLIAMS BAY - It is dangerously cold, but people are moving ahead with their plans no matter what.

At Gage Marine on Geneva Lake, that means preparing for a day of water skiing when wind chills will be flirting with negative territory.

Bill Gage runs the “Freeze for Life” event every year to raise money for pancreatic cancer research.

He knows from experience people will be lined up Saturday and ready to take the plunge.

“We’ve had six inches of snow before. So with the fire pits, hot tub and good atmosphere, I don’t think we’ll have a problem at all,” Gage said.

Novice frozen water skiers will jump in the water wearing a dry suit. That will spare them the worst of the winter chill.

Others, like Mallory Griffith, will water ski in a bathing suit. “It’s worst when you get in the water because you kind of can’t breathe, but once you’re out there it’s fun,” Griffith said.

A frigid lap of the late takes about seven minutes. Just enough time to push one’s body to the extreme of discomfort. But they do this knowing a warm towel and hot tub are only a couple moments away.

“You do a loop and you come back in and you kind of have to swim a little and you run to the hot tub,” Griffith said.

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