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Two people shot including four year-old boy


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Two people shot including four year-old boy

By Samara Sodos. CREATED Jun 15, 2014

MILWAUKEE -- Eleven year-old Cruz Diaz said he was doing what he could to protect his mom when they both heard the explosion of gunfire at around 9:30 p.m. Saturday while watching television.

"I was kind of scared," said Diaz. We heard five shots and someone screaming. Then we heard a car or truck leaving trying to escape."
Diaz and his family live behind the apartment on south 15th Street where a four year-old boy was shot, along with a 21 year-old man Saturday evening. Milwaukee police say they have no motive or suspects in the shooting. Both victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay.
At first Diaz figured it might have been an accidental shooting. But the 11 year-old quickly realized it was something more after hearing a truck tear away in a hurry. 
"I thought they were playing with guns, the kids in front, I thought they were just playing something at first, but then they actually got shot. Then I realized a truck stopped by and shot them." 
Diaz says he is thinking about his four year-old neighbor.
"He was my friend. I feel worried about him. I hope he doesn't die or anything. I hope he is okay in the hospital."
Other neighbors are just as concerned about their children getting caught  in the middle of gunfire. 
"I'm very scared about it, said Gail Dominguez. "They could be out there in the park right in front of my house. They're just doing random shootings for nothing."