Four teens rob man on Oak Leaf bike trail


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Four teens rob man on Oak Leaf bike trail

By Charles Benson. CREATED Aug 14, 2014

SHOREWOOD - A brazen robbery on a popular North Shore Bike Path.

Shorewood Police say four teenagers robbed an adult male on the Oak Leaf bike trail in broad daylight. The victim suffered a minor cut. The four teens are in custody.

"I’m on it almost everyday,"said cyclist Peter Diantoni.

He says he’s not about to change his route after hearing the news of one unsettling incident.   

"It’s really troublesome to hear that’s happening," said Diantoni. "At the same time it doesn't waiver my thoughts of riding on the path."

Shorewood Police say it appears to be an isolated case. The strong armed robbery happened around 6 pm, a busy time for the bike path.

Sylvia Hillman and Mike Mosley are big fans of this stretch of biking.

"We are very surprised because we feel very safe on this bike trail," said Hillman.

When asked if news of the robbery would change their riding habits, Mosley said, "No, especially not during the day."

Police continue to investigate but stress they have not had any problems on the bike path this summer.

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