Farther surprises family for Christmas


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Farther surprises family for Christmas

By Annie Scholz . CREATED Dec 12, 2013
TOWN OF EAGLE - Deployed overseas for months, a Waukesha County man is back home with his family. And to make the homecoming extra special, he and his wife decided to surprise the kids.

Bill Noll works for the Department of Defense, Special Forces, in Afghanistan. He hadn't seen his kids since July and couldn't bear the thought of being away from them this Christmas.

"It was heartbreaking to tell the kids I wouldn't be home in a long time. And they weren't expecting me until May," said Noll.

But when Bill was able to come home earlier than planned, he and his wife hatched a plan to surprise the kids -- wrapping him up in a box next to the tree.

"Well, I first expected there were lots of toys in the box because that's what my mom said," said Nicole Noll.

But when mom counted to three and the kids started tearing away, they got something better than any toy.

Bill, his wife and their daughter Nicole marked the momentous trip by getting baptized together. A happy homecoming that would warm any heart this holiday season.

“It's going to be a very special holiday,” said Monique Noll.

“It's going to be magical," said Nicole Noll.

Bill's going to be in town for the next two weeks before he has to go back. His kids plan on spending every moment they have with him.