On the edge of their seats


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On the edge of their seats

By Michele Fiore . CREATED Apr 5, 2014

MADISON -State Street was that great street in Madison Saturday night. Bars up and down State Street were filled with students, alumni and other fans, and police were expecting that when the game was over, they would all spill out onto State Street just like they did last weekend. Police estimate 10-thousand people celebrating in the street when the Badgers beat Arizona last weekend.

In the final four, fans enjoyed the first-half journey. Madison bars were packed with plenty of red and white. When the Badgers scored or the defense blocked a shot, smiling fans high-five'd each other and shared their own shots. They had many reasons for wanting a win.

"My dad went here, my older brother went here, I went here, my younger brother goes here, so for me, this is just a huge night for everyone and it would just mean the world for us," said Jessica Klobucar, who graduated from UW-Madison two years ago.

"But I'd always put the Badgers as going to the championship in all my brackets all throughout college and everything and looks like this year I might win my bracket so it's pretty exciting," said Alexander Truglio, who graduated from UW-Madison last year.

"Oh it's awesome, I mean, these guys are putting their heart and soul into it. You can tell by the way they played," said Nick Walasayi, Badgers alum.

As bars emptied out, police were hoping for a repeat from last weekend when there were few citations, all for minor incidents.

"The crowd was raucus, it was insane, uh, ground up development over there, they bull dozed the fences, they were climbing it, shear insanity," said Mike Piano, Badgers fan.

Madison police was prepared for crowd control, once again. They were being assisted by UW-Madison police, as well as Capitol police and the Dane County Sheriff's office. Madison police also planned to have their mounted patrol out for the first time this year. But, they anticipated that fans would behave responsibly, just like they did last weekend.