Family gets together to watch son win


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Family gets together to watch son win

By Michele Fiore . CREATED Mar 29, 2014

PORT WASHINGTON - The family of one of three Badgers players who grew up in southeast Wisconsin got together at The Patio Saturday night. Just last year, Josh Gasser blew out his knee. He's back, thanks to much hard work and a loving family supporting his every step.

Two thousand miles away, the Gasser family's posing for a quick pic, and texting it to Josh's parents, sitting courtside in Anaheim.

"And we all love to cheer him on," said Karen Uselding.

But Karen Uselding admits she's a ball of nerves watching her grandson play.

"When the game isn't going good, your stomach gets all twisted and. So you just hope that they do really really good," said Uselding.

Gasser's a starting guard for the Badgers, coming a long way since he got hurt last year.

"He um, blew out his knee and tore his ACL along with his MCL and other stuff, it was a devastating knee injury," said Julie Sauer, Josh's aunt.

From devastation to elation...
This crowd of aunts and uncles, cousins and friends continues to rally behind Badgers #21. Mark Allen and Michael Lackovic both played on a team with Gasser back in junior high.

"We kinda all knew that he was gonna be good at some point or to the college level," said Mark Allen, friend.

"If they make it, I will spend as much money as I possibly can, whatever it takes to get there and watch them play so, I'll be there in Texas if they make it," said Michael Lackovic, friend.