FBI asks questions after Caledonia train derailment

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FBI asks questions after Caledonia train derailment

By Tom Murray. CREATED Jan 20, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 20, 2014

CALEDONIA – The Federal Bureau of Investigation contacted Caledonia police after 19 rail cars derailed Sunday, both agencies told TODAY’S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.

“Based on the current environment with terrorist attacks, anything like this that would have a global terrorist impact, they contact us,” said Lt. Brian Wall of the Caledonia Police Department.  “We don’t have any information that it’s a criminal or terrorist type act.”

An FBI spokesperson said it is routine for the agency to ask questions after a large-scale transportation incident.

Police and the FBI are not pressing forward with an investigation because it appears cold weather is to blame for the derailment.

Officials from the Federal Railroad Administration are on site looking into what happened, a spokesman for that agency said.

“Our Investigation will identify the root cause(s) of the accident,” the FRA spokesperson said in an email.  “As a data-driven agency we will use the lessons learned from this accident to further enhance safety and to prevent accidents like this one in the future.  Based on the investigation's findings, we will pursue all appropriate enforcement actions.

Meantime, Union Pacific moved quickly to clean up the big railroad mess and restore the route for service. 

A bulldozer cleared spilled coal from the tracks on Monday.  Trucks hauled away damaged lines.

Coal trains chugged through Caledonia on Monday, slowly moving past cars left tangled on the side of the tracks.