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Deadly beer truck robbery may have been inside job


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Deadly beer truck robbery may have been inside job

By Shannon Sims. CREATED Feb 14, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 14, 2014

MILWAUKEE - A deadly beer truck robbery may have been an inside job. The delivery driver who claimed to be a victim is now facing murder charges.

The heist happened two weeks ago, but the alleged mastermind was just arrested Friday.

New court documents reveal it was the first day on the job for Caleb Seay-Ali, when he decided to get his friends to help him rob the beer truck.

19-year-old Cornelius Turner was one of those friends.

"I know they went to my son and kept asking him to do this. At first he was 'no no no.' I guess peer pressure," said Turner's mother, Lucrecia Beard-Johnson.

Seay-Ali observed the owner of the liquor store giving his partner over $1200 in cash for the delivery.

He later admitted to investigators the large sum of money tempted him to come up with the idea, saying "this robbery had just fell into his lap, and that he needed rent money."

The robbery went wrong when the getaway driver was a no show, and Turner was confronted by a police officer at 58th and Custer.

There was a scuffle. Turner had his hand on a gun, which was in his waistband, and the officer shot and killed him.

Beard-Johnson buried her son Friday, and grieves his bad decision to get involved.

"I am never going to get him back."

Shannon Sims

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