Dashcam video shows snowstorm pileup aftermath


Video by tmj4.com

Dashcam video shows snowstorm pileup aftermath

By Tom Murray. CREATED Dec 10, 2013

MENOMONEE FALLS - Dash cam video released to TODAY'S TMJ4 on Tuesday shows what officers were up against when they responded to a chain-reaction crash on US 41/45 during Sunday's snowstorm.

Menomonee Falls police also released several 911 call recordings.
A dispatcher asked, "what type of injury do you have, ma'am?"
"The guy in the back seat is bleeding," the caller responded.
It quickly became clear that emergency responders were going to need several ambulances.
A caller told a dispatcher she was attending to an unconscious man.
"We did get him to talk a little bit, but now he's out again," the caller said.
A squad camera captured a collision.  
Many drivers are seen outside their cars.
Several cars are in the ditch.
It looks like a woman is getting a blanket out of her trunk.  Cars were stuck on the freeway for hours.  The back-up stretched for miles.
Drivers could tell police were struggling to get to the injured.
"I do see a police car a couple cars behind now.  But, they can't get through because of the other accidents," a 911 caller said.
A car is crunched between a semi and the median wall.  A second car is smashed under the back of that semi's trailer.
It got so bad that dispatchers had to get off the line with some callers to focus on those who were hurt.
"If you're able to get your car out and get going, that would be great," a dispatcher said.  "I have to go, OK?"
Menomonee Falls police are continuing to investigate the crash.