Customer thwarts bank robbery, suspect on the run

Customer thwarts bank robbery, suspect on the run

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Jul 15, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 15, 2013

GREENFIELD – In the space of ten minutes, police had a bizarre case on their hands.

Three female tellers were working at Great Midwest Bank near Southridge Mall Saturday, when a disguised man tried to rob the place.

"It was a bit more of an aggressive style bank robbery," explained Sergeant Ray Radakovich of the Greenfield Police Department.

"He displayed what we're calling an electric, stun-type weapon. Not a taser, but the old-style 'shock to touch' type weapon […] He basically spark tested it for them, showing them that it works."

One of the tellers tells TODAY’S TMJ4 the man bound her and her co-workers, made them lie on the ground, and demanded the combination to the bank’s safe.

"I'm not the youngest person anymore. I could feel my heart just pounding. I got very anxious, upset emotionally," said the teller, who does not wish to be named.

Soon after the exchange, a customer walked into the bank and tried to do business with the robber, who police say was standing behind the teller counter.

"Eventually, the suspect ends up telling him, 'This is a robbery in progress,'" Radakovich said.

The man—who is a Milwaukee resident—ended up wrestling with the robber, who fought him and escaped the bank.

Police did get a good—albeit bizarre—description.

"He’s described as a black man. At the time, he was wearing a dark, pin-striped suit, a fedora, and a fake beard. At the time, that's all we have of his description," Radakovich said.

Pictures of the suspect are expected soon. If you have any information, call Greenfield Police.