Conditions ripe for severe flooding along rivers


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Conditions ripe for severe flooding along rivers

By Charles Benson. CREATED Mar 10, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 10, 2014

MILWAUKEE - The National Weather Service says conditions are ripe this year for severe flooding along rivers. 

Racine County will get predictions from the weather service this Friday for the Root and Fox Rivers but the county is already planning ahead.     

"In a couple of days that river can be up to the road," said Sue Kaufman. "It just happens that quickly."

Nearly 25 years of living near the Root River has taught Kaufman to be prepared. Racine County is hoping others will be as smart.

"We had a nice melt on Monday and the Root River looks like it's in pretty good shape," said David Maack, with Racine County Emergency Management. 

But Maack knows conditions can change quickly, "The hydrologist are saying if we get a quick melt along with the frozen ground we could have some potential for flooding."

Maack was on the phone Monday, as he is every spring, making sure local municipalities are ready. "We encouraged them to prepared for the potential for flooding, make sure they have a good supply of sandbags on hand."

Not only is the county preparing for possible flooding, Maack says homeowners should as well.

"I think homeowners should look to see if they got flood insurance and get a rider on your home insurance policy in the event that you get a
sewer back up," said Maack.

He also encourages homeowners to move snow away from the house to mitigate the potential for flooding. 

Kaufman is hoping for the best. "There's always a potential for flooding but we've been pretty lucky actually."

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